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Our super-sweet, SUMMER LOVIN' Sprinkle Sampler Pack is the perfect way to enjoy an array of our celebrated summer collection sprinkles. This sweet little pack contains (5) adorable 2oz bottles of some of the prettiest Sprinkle Medleys! These sprinkles are great for gifting or perfect for if you are just entering the magical world of sprinkles. Perfect for teacher gifts, sprinkle sampling, pouring onto anything and everything. 

The SUMMER LOVIN' pack includes the following cuteness:

1) 2oz bottle of brownie points  Sprinkle Medley 

2) 2oz bottle of Give it a whirl  Sprinkle Medley

3) 2oz bottle of whats the scoop Sugar Shapes

4) 2oz bottle of its sherbert day srinkle Medley

5) 2oz bottle of game  of cones Sprinkle Medley