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BLACK - Edible Art Decorative Paint 15ml

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Edible Art Decorative Paint by Sweet Sticks is a range of revolutionary paints made in Australia.
With a unique blend of 100% edible ingredients they can paint, dry and be rub free on almost any edible surface.

Our Standard Paints can be used on the following products as well as many others: 
- Fondant
- Buttercream cakes (chilled)
- Royal icing
- Sugar cookies
- Marshmallows
- Gold Leaf
- Deco Magic
- Candy melts
- Ganache
- Modelling chocolate.

Our Metallic Paints can be used on the following products:
- Fondant
- Buttercream cakes (chilled - not Swiss Meringue or Italian Buttercream)
- Sugar cookies
- Marshmallows
- Confectionary
- Ganache
- Modelling chocolate
- Macarons
- Fruit ie: Berries

Our edible paint can be applied using many different techniques including brushes for detailed work. We recommend using a quality sable brush or sponge. Sponge work also looks great on buttercream, fondant and royal icing.

The paint is ready to use from the bottle, so there is no need to thin it out or mix it with any other ingredients. Once applied, it dries in no time and the pigment is sealed within the surface - no dust or smudges! 

If you require a water colour effect you can achieve this by adding cake decorators alcohol (high grade 95% alcohol) to your palette. 

Shake well before and during use. 
Keep away from children and store in a dry cool place. 
Do not consume in liquid form. 
Bottle is 15ml.

1. Shake well, when starting and during. 
2. Try different paint brushes. Some streak, some don’t. 
3. Take the time and play with your paints. Become familiar with them.
4. Mix and match your own colours if you like. 
5. Add cake decorators (95% grade) alcohol to your pallet for a watercolour finish. 
6. Wash used brushes with hot, boiling, soapy water, some paper towel and baby wipes. 

Once dry our paints are rub free! No fuss!
The colour is true. What you see is what you get. 
100% food grade. 
Gluten, dairy and peanut free!
A little bottle goes a long way.